Friday, January 1, 2016

December a la Instagram

Hope you all had a fantastic new year and are busy relaxing and sleeping the day away! I wish I could and I envy all of you but, work.

I'm bring back around the monthly recap link up! If you're new around these parts, you know I love my Instagram and recaps of my months are the favorites of the bunch.

I would love to see all of your month recaps! Grab the link below and hop along and see all of the beautiful moments, especially for fall, captured!

Genuinely Lauren

Lots of coffee, puppy snuggles and beginning to read again - I absolutely love it!

I even created a Christmas gallery wall!
Our weather has been insane and we took a bike ride - in 70 degree December weather.

Target Christmas shirts are the

These sweet little faces I could snuggle all day - sometimes they're sweet.
My holiday craft this month was doing glitter ornaments for the dogs, and plastic so they don't break when they get knocked off!

My obsession with trees is unreal. Especially with my own. I found a beach themed tree at one of our condos and I fell in love and want to decorate my future beach themed tree just like this!
I sent out our first Christmas cards!

We celebrated Blake's 22nd birthday.

Puppies, coffee, and more Target holiday shirts = love
We've grown quite the collection of ornaments for our first tree. Some more dog ornaments that I just had to have. Our sports teams. And of course an Air Force ornament for Blake.
My mom sent me another ornament for an early Christmas present - the Chicago marquee!

We celebrated Christmas eve with friends and a Christmas dinner and sangria.

Our first Christmas together, second married.
Day after Christmas we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a bike ride - ending with beers and beach chairs

Puppy snuggles. Enough said.

My coworker said she found this mug at Target and I just "had to have it" :) she right.
2015 best nine! Seems pretty accurate don't you think? Except for no dog pictures and I'm actually quite disappointed, no lie.
Planning out my 2016 reading challenge with my newest book haul - basically all of these are the next book in each of their series.

I got a curling wand for Christmas and I had a lot of fun playing with it yesterday for my New Year work doo. Except for it rained all day and our New Years Eve plans kinda turned and we ended up staying at home after getting dinner. But I'm okay with that. Spending the evening with my puppies in pajamas is my kind of night I'll choose any day.

Here's to a great 2016!

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  1. Puppies & Christmas decorations! I love your Insta ❤️

    xo, Kimberly