Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Girls Staycation

A little over a week ago, my family came down to visit me in Florida for the first time!

I was super pumped for them to come down and visit, especially after being here for almost 2 years I feel really comfortable with the area and to take them to all of the great places down here. So, I had a great list of fun things to do - at least things to do in the winter season.

They flew in on Friday and we went out to grab lunch and take the scenic route back home through Pensacola. If anyone comes down this direction, there is a strip of highway connecting Pensacola Beach and Navarre and it's 100% worth the $1 toll to drive down. It is so beautiful and straight beach with nothing else around. That night we out to dinner at McGuire's which is also a favorite of the area as well.

Saturday we all signed up for a 5k race in the morning. It was something I wanted to do since it has been a year since we've all done a race together and that's kind of how we all bond too. And it was Star Wars themed - so that's always a fun thing too :)
After the race we had a scheduled tattoo appointment for that afternoon. We talked about getting matching tattoos a month or so ago and then I totally forgot about it until a week before they we're coming into town. So I made an appointment at the tattoo shop Blake got his done at and we decided on this.
 I found the idea off of pinterest and thought it was super cute - one of my sisters wanted to do a cute anchor instead so I also took to pinterest and found this lovely design. At the last minute, actually right as the artist was going to fill in the anchor, that we we're going to do the ombre blue. Great decision on our part because I am obsessed!

Saturday night we went out dancing to my favorite country bar to do some line dancing and I ended up doing over 20,000 steps all day! #hollatme
Sunday we did brunch at my favorite spot Anglers. It was even a beautiful day on the water, chilly but beautiful. After brunch we took to the Harborwalk Village to do some walking around and my mom wanted to check out some local shops for souvenirs.

We even spotted this beast of a dog being the most patient thing ever. Basically he was the size of all three of my dogs combined.
I was so happy to have my family come visit down here and to spend the time with them. We've already planned for them to come back down in the summer time so they can actually enjoy the beach season down here and keep me company while Blake is away.

The perfect end for a mini staycation. Now when is the next one??

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  1. I have three cousins, all sisters and they just last week got matching anchor tattoos! What a great, meaningful idea! Love it!

  2. Love the tattoo, such a nice idea to have matching ones with your family!