Monday, January 4, 2016

Our First Purchase of 2016

It's already happened.

Not even 4 days into 2016 and we've already broken the bank with a very hefty price tag.

Friendly PSA, if you have a sensitive stomach you should probably just scroll on down to the end.

Saturday morning, my sweet little Collins was having a little diarrhea during our morning potty. Nothing to be too concerned about. Pretty normal. So I go to work and leave him with Blake and go about my day.

Around 11 Blake calls me that he's found more diarrhea down the staircase and Collins curled up in a ball right next to him. I knew right away that I should've gone home from work, but Blake put him in his cage until I came home.

Sure enough I came home to his cage full of diarrhea and vomit and he looked miserable. I let him out and he threw up quite a few times and had more diarrhea as well. I knew things weren't right. 

So I called the emergency vet and drove the 20 minutes hoping to only having to pay the minimum emergency vet fee. Seems like any time a trip to the vet is involved lately for any of my dogs has me paying an arm and a leg. 

We get to the vet and Collins is jumping off the walls and not acting like he just threw up everything in his stomach for the past 20 minutes. Basically, being his normal crazy self. And there were a lot of people in the waiting room so he was definitely overstimulated and quite excited.

After maybe 30 minutes of waiting and the crowd starts to thin out a little bit, Collins decided to give the waiting room floor a little redecorating and vomited for a solid 10 minutes until they took us into one of the examination rooms. Where he then continued to vomit and start to diarrhea as well. All over my brand new shoes.

I'm pretty sure he was waiting until he had a little more privacy to do that deed. Didn't want to embarrass himself, you know.

While we were in the examination room, Collins looked so pathetic and depressed. He was curled up in a ball underneath the chairs. Not wanting to get up when the vet wanted to feel his stomach. Nothing.

So, the vet takes Collins back to give him some injections. He comes back about 10 minutes like the same dog he's always been. They also did some blood work and an x-ray to make sure he didn't eat something he wasn't supposed to.

Turns out he's a perfectly healthy dog. His blood work came back normal. Nothing on his x-ray. 

All for the nice price tag of $671.18 - to tell me that my dog is perfectly fine.

And that ladies and germs is the story of our first large purchase of 2016. I'm thinking of turning into a book! Just kidding.

But in reality I could probably write a bunch of great stories involving the three-ring circus that is my house.

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  1. I know saving money is important but something similar happened to us. Our cat started throwing up every 3 hours on the clock. After the 4th vomit we called the emergency line and they told us to man the ship until the vet opened if possible ( to avoid the emergency vet fee).

    She ended up having to have surgery and it was a big $2k chunk of our savings. Luckily that was over 2 years ago and I hope the last of our big expenses.

    so nice to hear he's doing better though. In the end it's all that matters.

  2. Oh man! Poor puppy! Was it some sort of weird stomach bug? I've never heard of a dog doing that without having something wrong with them. Here's to no more hefty price tags for 2016!

  3. hahah I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at "I'm pretty sure he was waiting until he had a little more privacy to do that deed. Didn't want to embarrass himself, you know." I swear, dogs are the weirdest but my wonderful creatures. I feel like vets pull on your heart strings and up charge by like 300%! Im glad he was okay though :)

  4. I've had similar situation. I explained a whole situation to my vet, they insisted on tons of tests only to let me know that it was just her anal glands and totally normal. Ugh...$400 after insurance!

  5. Poor Collins! And also your poor wallet! I'm glad to hear he's feeling better - and hopefully you won't have any scares like that again this year! I stopped over from Life of Meg's blog hop - I'll be stopping by more this year! Love the blog!

  6. That stinks...literally. Haha sorry. I know this all too well. We have a dachshund that has survived eating large quantities of chocolate not once, not twice, but three times! It's not like we leave it out for her either. She ate through a backpack once to get to it. After the first $800 vet bill to pump her stomach, we just gave he hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting after she ate chocolate the second and third times. Voila!

  7. Oh bummer! But good thing he's all right!

  8. Wow! What a horrible way to spend over $600 bucks, but I'm so glad that he is okay!

  9. Expensive bill or not - at least your cutie pie is healthy. He just wanted to bring in the New Years with some excitement :)

  10. I'm glad he's ok but goodness, that's a rediculously expensive all clear appointment! Maybe vets (and doctors) should just not charge if it turns out that everything is ok. ;-)

  11. I'm glad Collins is ok. That seems a ridiculous amount of money for the vet to charge just to tell you everything is fine. I was thinking of getting a dog but I'm not sure I could afford one. Anyway it was better to get him checked out, he looks like a lovely dog.

    Elvira Mullins @ Anne Nelson Vets