Monday, January 25, 2016

Paint Your Pet, Round 2!

There's nothing more that I love than wine and painting. Especially when it involves one of my favorite furry friends and some good friends.

The paint studio held another paint your pet class like what I did for Collins and since I have three dogs I knew I at least have to do to the class 2 more times. #multipledogmomprobs

Luckily I didn't have to go at this one myself, even though I totally would have since my BFFIF moved back home, one of my coworkers came with me to paint a portrait of our furchildren. And I was super excited to get to do it again!
This was the photo that I sent for Gordon because I felt like it really captured his likeness and personality - pretty much the derp, goofy boy that he is. I mean look at that smile, am I right??

Something that I didn't realize until we actually went through the process of painting the coat of the dogs - having an all black dog is actually harder than painting Collins portrait and he has 80 million different colors in his coat. And I have one more black dog to paint a portrait for so now I know what to look forward to. Who would've thought???
 I'm really thrilled with how it turned out! It almost looks realistic and like the picture. The instructors do a really good job of making your pictures come to life and help get the likeness of the pet.
On another note they have a 3 glass serving limit, so it's definitely a good precursor to the rest of your night!

Two dogs down, one to go!

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  1. Oh, my. Your painting turned out beautiful! I would've never been able to do that. It truly looks great!

  2. That painting turned out so great! It looks just like the picture! I've always wanted to try a wine/painting class.

  3. Omg that is awesome. Way better than the regular paint classes because that is relevant. Would love to do this with my pup but I didn't know this existed. thanks for sharing