Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#HashtagHumpday | Valentine's Weekend

Hey girl hey!

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I'm killing two birds with one stone today - recap of my Valentine's weekend with the hubs AND hashtag it out!

Started off the Valentine's weekend with my favorite #browniebatterforthewin #selfieoritdidnthappen

Swiped up some pretty flowers all for myself. I probably looked like a lonely woman who only loves her dogs - which will probably be me in the next few months anyways once Blake leaves but it looked pretty pathetic #ireallylovemydogs #butidohaveahusbandtoo #ipromise
I made a few planner sticker orders in the beginning of the month and one of them just so conveniently arrived the day before Valentine's day #happyvalentinesdaytome #stickeraddict #buttheyrejustsopretty

I got to spend the weekend all snuggled up with these three balls of fur #ipromiseimnotcrazy #ijustlovedogs

Valentine's day, Blake had to go into work so we wanted to do breakfast before his shift - we tried 3 different restaurants before we ended up where we did. I probably should've realized that it was a Sunday and at a busy time plus a holiday, but we had a good breakfast together #breakfastdate #iactuallyjustlovebrunch #aslongastheresmimosas

Blake's number one Valentine got some snuggles and kisses before he went off to work - this boy is going to be so miserable once he leaves #daddysboy #helovescollinsmorethanme

I also got to pop Blake's Brownie Batter cherry that morning and changed his world. Now donuts are no longer the same without brownie batter filling oozing out of the center #canthebrowniebatterbeyearround #orineedtomakemyown

This was the card I got for Blake and once I saw it I knew it was perfect. We don't get to spend a lot of time together, especially with his leave day approaching closer and closer - but we sure make it work with the time we have #nowimgettingsappy #excusemewhileigotvomitfromfeelings #jkireallylovehim

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  1. Such an awesome weekend!! That doughnut looks heaven sent. Who else would by you the most beautiful flowers but yourself honestly? Girl I am you newest follower. Had me at planner stickers lol. I'm so happy that you've been able to spend time with your hubby before he leaves! I'm glad you had a great weekend ♥ Happy Hump Day!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. My friend loves those donuts!

  3. So glad you got to have a great Valentine's Day with your man before he heads out! Looks like lots of fun (and I absolutely LOVE that card)

  4. Brownie batter donuts?? I need these. I need them like right now!

    Looks like you had a really sweet Valentines!

  5. Brownie Batter... in donuts? My world has just opened up.
    Yep - Breakfast on a Sunday is horrible. We did the Breakfast thing last year for V-day & it was the same way on a Saturday. I guess lots of people do the Valentine's breakfast in hopes of beating the dinner crowd - now its all miserable. :)
    Love the flowers. I'm always on the hunt to buy flowers for myself - why not :)

  6. I totally bought flowers for myself too, well I was going to at least but the guy at TJ's felt bad for my peg leg and gave them to me for free! Also I got "congrats on the new job" flowers so that helped make up for the lack of valentines I received from the main man. I can't decide if I'm depressed or glad we don't have a Dunkin Donuts here, that brownie batter is so intriguing!