Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#HashtagHumpday | What Surprises Me

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I know this shouldn't surprise me, but I still don't get how dogs are constantly abandoned on the side of the road. Especially with the internet nowadays. If you abandon your dog on the side of the road, chances are it's going to circulate around the world and someone might recognize it as your dog - and what does that say about you? If you really have to give up your dog, bring it to a shelter or rescue, or at least try to find a trustworthy owner. Or there's always the not getting a dog option if you think you might give him up at some point down the road #justmytwosense #noteveryoneshouldownananimal #committoyourpet #oknowimdone

Sorry, I get heated when I talk about animals. Clearly as I have 3 of my own. #multipledogowner #ilovemydogs

Why the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial is still being played based on how many people we're weirded out by it #whatwereyouthinking #MountainDewgonewrong

Why the heck beach homes or condos are starting off at $1 Million to own. Like, why? #butiwanttoownabeachcondo #partofthecoolclub

The amount of experience you need for entry level jobs right out of college. So basically at this point I need to be working in my field since kindergarten. I mean, it is called "entry level" for a reason am I right?? #illjustbeawaitress #orstayathomemom

So basically, the biggest thing that surprises me are involving animals. Which really shouldn't be that big of a surprise. #surprisesurprise #ijustwanttoadoptallofthedogs

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  1. people who abandon their pets = atrocious humans. how awful of them to do that!

  2. How could anyone do that?! On a much brighter note, I think your blog is awesome and nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    See the post here.

  3. I hate the entry level thing too. How is it "entry level" if it requires 2-5 years of experience? And how do I get experience if you won't hire me?! Also the dog thing makes me so, so sad. I immediately delete all those that pop up on my facebook because I just hate seeing it!