Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Commercials: From Dogs and Doritos to Puppy Monkey Baby

You're not a blogger unless you comment on the Super Bowl commercials, am I right? Anyone? Ok, maybe just me.

Actually that was a pretty lame segway - so I'm going to just jump right into all of the commercials that took up advertising space for Super Bowl 50. Because some we're really great, while others basically wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars.


And now, the winner of Best Commercial for Super Bowl 50 is....

Dogs and Doritos!
Like, honestly. Anything with dogs in the commercial is a win in my book. And the fact that this isn't your normal run of the mill Doritos commercial make it super creative. Job well done!

Honorable mentions go to...

Honda Car Finder with Kevin Hart
So, SO GOOD. Now how many dads are going to be using this trick when their daughters go out on dates??

Singing Lambs with Honda
How good is this commercial?? And it's for a truck! Plus the dog talks at the end! Even though the lambs singing has nothing to do with the truck itself, I'm still a big fan.

Shock Top
Honorable mention because it didn't suck - and because it was pretty funny too.

Doritos Ultrasound
Bravo Doritos. You have crossed a line in your commercials but it ended up being extremely hilarious.

And the commercials that just all around sucked - the winner of this prestigious category...

Puppy Monkey Baby! - Like seriously Mountain Dew, what they hell we're you thinking? Unless your soul purpose was to make people question your commercial, then you win a gold star my friend. - I don't even understand the purpose of this commercial at all. Is it supposed to mean that they move into a new apartment with each stage of their lives and grow as a couple? Because I just don't get it. And why can't I get pie included in my apartment??

Kia - So you compare a car to a new pair of socks? I don't see the correlation at all. This is probably the most confusing commercial yet.

And all of the others that we're just kind of there and I have no opinion on...

Michalob Ultra - Didn't know it was going to be about Michalob until the end. Thought Nike or Under Armor. But felt it was directed towards everyone wanting to be fit for their resolution and can still drink beer

Avocado Mexico - "This is the gold dress that caused a world war" That damn dress. Is it gold?? Is it blue?? I don't know!!
Basically I've conducted that everything for commercials this year involves cars. Like even more so than last years commercials. Not that I'm complaining. But I kind of like my commercials to be more of purpose and mostly funny.

The halftime show I'm not quite sure how I feel about. First off, I feel like I would be one of those people that would have run over that guy in the beginning when he was actually on the field. Probably totally on accident or purpose too, whichever way you look at it. But I neither liked it or hated it. I just didn't think that it really all flowed together. Like having Beyonce and Bruno Mars make an appearance. I don't get it.

Also, anyone else realize that during the highlight reel Coldplay did in the end of all of the halftime performances for the past Super Bowls that it didn't include Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's year?? Coincidence? I think not! Also known as the year when halftime performances began to suck all thanks to a little "wardrobe malfunction"

Most importantly, I'm really looking forward to The Secret Life of Pets movie. If that's the only thing I take away from watching the Super Bowl, I call that a win.

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  1. My favorite were definitely the Doritos!!

  2. Puppy Monkey Baby was a hit with my children - I was a little scared. It was just so weird. The Daddy Dating one was funny!

  3. I actually don't remember the Doritos dog one, but I loved the Ultrasound one! That was a hit with my coworkers too. :) The Puppy Monkey Baby totally creeped me out.

  4. Ok how did the wiener dogs in hot dog costumes not make your list???? It was my favorite! I wonder if it was a local spot since no one else seems to be mentioning it.

  5. All the Doritos ones are always good, I also thought #MeetTheKetchups was cute and the Steve Harvey one was funny!